Employees required to travel in the performance of their official duties are entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred. They must have prior approval from their immediate supervisor/department head. All international travel must also be approved by the Chancellor, unless specific authority for approval has been delegated to a designee.

All travelers must complete a Request to Travel Authorization form and submit the approved form to the Office of Accounting and Finance within seven to ten business days prior to the anticipated travel. This form is available on the BRCC website under Travel Forms.

Traveler must also show proof that they are an authorized driver of Baton Rouge Community College before driving any vehicle on state travel.  This can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Safety Department at BRCC.

All fields pertaining to your travel must be completed. Please note that some fields require detailed responses which include, but are not limited to, Vehicle Rental Justification and Lodging and/or Meal Excess Justification.

Add support documentation such as an invoice for the conference registration fee, a conference agenda with a list of the conference hotels, the hotel reservation confirmation, and a copy of the Short's Travel flight itinerary to the request for Authorization to Travel Form.

All registrations, hotel rooms, and airfare must be paid with the CBA travel card. These amounts should also be listed in the area on the form designated for Advances.

Trip Cancellation

When a trip has been cancelled and an airfare approval form has been submitted, the Office of Accounting and Finance must be notified of the cancellation. Send a copy of the approved Authorization to Travel to Accounts Payable with “cancelled” written across the face of the form. Also, Short’s Travel must be notified as well.

When registration was paid on your behalf by the college, the vendor must be notified in writing. A copy of the notification must be forwarded to the Office of Accounting and Finance. If the request is submitted prior to the cancellation/refund deadline, it must be requested that the refund be directed to Baton Rouge Community College, Office of Accounting and Finance.