Property Control

The mission of the Property Control Department is to identify and manage property purchased by or donated to Baton Rouge Community College in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the state of Louisiana. The Property Control Department is responsible for the tagging, recording, disposal, and surplussing of Baton Rouge Community College assets.

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Top Employee Responsibilities for Property

  1. Comply with all property laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures concerning identification, management, and disposal of inventory property.
  2. Assist Property Control to ensure all movable property valued $1,000 or greater is reported and tagged within 60 days of receipt (per State law) along with re-tagging items as warranted.
  3. Immediately report property stolen to Police and Property Management.
  4. Immediately notify Property Management of any damaged property. Report any Risk Management claims through proper channels.
  5. Must comply with State regulations regarding sanitization of security sensitive data before any disposal method of computing devices.
  6. Never sell, loan, transfer, assign, entrust, or donate any inventory and non-inventory property to any person or entity, or use property for personal or illegal purposes.
  7. Removal of equipment from campus is prohibited without prior approval by Property Control.  Complete an Off-Campus/Home Storage form.
  8. Dispose of inventory and non-inventory equipment properly. Surplus inventory and non-inventory equipment to Property Control as soon as it becomes idle. Scrap/dismantle or transfer only after written request and approval by Property Control.



BRCC Off Campus Authorization Home Storage Form