Airframe Mechanic

Certificate of Technical Studies for Airframe Mechanic (Aviation Maintenance)

Students pursuing a Certificate of Technical Studies for Airframe Mechanic can take this as a standalone certificate program, or as part of a full A&P training course. Students in this program will receive training in general areas of aircraft maintenance, including basic electricity, aircraft drawings, weight/balance, ground operations, corrosion control, maintenance records and publication, basic math, and physics. Additionally, the program covers areas such as sheet metal repair, electrical systems, avionics and instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic, inspections and more. Upon certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), students are eligible to work on aircraft structures, landing gear systems, fuel, electrical, and other systems.

A full-time commitment is required for students to complete the intensive 3 semester program. Classes start each fall semester and generally run Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. This is a competitive enrollment program with limited seating. Application dates and procedures are posted on the Aviation Maintenance main page. 

Students must be accepted to the College, meet the program entry requirements, submit an application package to the department, and interview with the department chair prior to admittance into the program. Program applications can be submitted online or received through the contact at the bottom of this page.

This Certificate signifies that the student has completed the 1,150 hours (400 General plus 750 Airframe hours) required by Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools. This certificate provides eligibility to take the FAA General and Airframe written exams, as well as the oral and practical exam leading to a FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe rating.

For entrance into the program, students must meet the following requirements:

To receive this certificate, students must:

First Semester Credit Hours

Course ID Course Title Hours
AMTG 1016 General Maintenance Practices 6
AMTG 1026 General Maintenance Processes 6
  Semester Total 12


Second Semester Credit Hours

Course ID Course Title Hours
AMTA 1216 Aircraft Structures 6
AMTA 1224 Aircraft Finishes 4
  Semester Total 10


Third Semester Credit Hours

Course ID Course Title Hours
AMTA 1236 Aircraft Electrical 6
AMTA 1244 Aircraft Systems 4
  Semester Total 10


Airframe Mechanic, Certificate of Technical Studies Total Hours:  32