Technical Diploma in Cosmetology

This diploma program is designed to prepare students to work efficiently in the role of cosmetologists and/or hair stylists. Classroom instruction includes the study of anatomy and physiology of the head, neck, and other areas, infection control, decontamination and sanitation of tools, hair cutting, styling and coloring, permanent waving and relaxing, facials, and the application of cosmetic makeup. Manicuring, pedicuring, and salon management are also included. Practical skills are developed through experience in an on-site salon which is equipped and managed according to industry standards by the
students with instructor supervision. Upon completion of this program, which is approved by the LA State Board of Cosmetology and meets the 1500-hour requirement, students are eligible to take the LA State Board of Cosmetology licensure examination.

Program of Study (Curriculum Outline)
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To receive this diploma, the student must:

For more information contact the Division of Technical Education at (225) 359-9201.