Upholstery Technology

Technical Diploma in Upholstery Technology

This program is only offered at correctional institutions for incarcerated students.

This program prepares individuals for employment in all aspects of upholstering furniture. Under the supervision of the instructor, the student performs procedures for installing, repairing, arranging, and securing springs, webbing, and padding; measuring, cutting, and sewing fabrics; and filling, tufting, channeling, and buttoning cushions. In the vehicle upholstery course, instruction includes installing auto headliners, fitting truck tonneau covers, upholstering seats, door panels, arm rests, and other advanced vehicle jobs.

To receive this diploma, the student must: 

Please note that the student is responsible for determining his or her catalog of entry.

This program has four exit points where a student may obtain a Technical Competency in the Area of Upholstery Assistant, a Certificate of Technical Studies as Furniture Technician I, a Certificate of Technical Studies as Furniture Technician II, and a Certificate of Technical Studies as Vehicle Upholstery Technician. See the student's catalog of entry for more information.

For more information contact the Division of Technical Education at (225) 359-9201.