BRCC's Associate of Science (AS) degree in Pre-Engineering is aligned with the Louisiana Transfer Degree Program. Degree recipients will be able to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Louisiana and continue their studies as engineering majors.  Students in this curriculum will learn principles of mathematics and applied science that will form a strong foundation for further study in engineering.


MISSION STATEMENT: “The Computer Science & Pre-Engineering department strives to develop and prepare students into knowledgeable computer scientists and engineers who will contribute to society through academic excellence and innovative technology.”

Engineers apply scientific knowledge, mathematics, and creativity in the design and development of solutions to benefit society.  These solutions include physical structures such as bridges and buildings, complex machinery and systems such as computers and engines, materials production processes, and maximizing efficiency.  Engineers impact our lives everyday; they develop everything from plastic cups to the radar-absorbent coating of stealth fighters. 

In addition to rigid adherence to proven scientific and mathematical principles, success in the field of engineering requires imagination and creativity.  The ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment is critical.  Students who enjoy math and science, are creative, and relish the challenge of developing solutions to society's challenges may be interested in an engineering career.

BRCC graduates will be able to:

The program offers academic pathways for several engineering disciplines:

The Pre-Engineering Program is a 60 credit-hour Associate degree that includes General Education courses and introductory coursework in specific engineering disciplines. To maximize possible transfer courses to senior institutions, students should select a college/university as soon as possible and obtain a catalog from that institution.  Students planning to transfer to another institution should discuss their plans with a BRCC advisor and with an advisor at the receiving institution to assure that credits earned at BRCC will transfer.

To receive this degree, the student must:

General Education Requirements:
English Composition (ENGL 101 & ENGL 102)              6 hrs
Mathematics                                                              10 hrs
Natural Sciences                                                          9 hrs
Social Science Electives                                                6 hrs
Humanities Elective                                                     9 hrs
Arts Elective                                                                 3 hrs
         Total General Education Hours                          43 hrs

Program Requirements:
Program requirements are a total of 17-25 credits, depending upon the intended transfer institution as well as the student's intended engineering discipline.

Department Leadership
Raven Dora' Chair
Computer Science and Engineering Department 
Cypress Suite 236