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The mission of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Division is to provide dynamic learning experiences that integrate scientific and analytical reasoning, career information, and real-world relevance to engage students in STEM courses, programs, and career fields, and ultimately increasing STEM literacy.

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The STEM Division offers competitive transfer programs, in addition to career-track and certification programs. We provide our students an affordable, high-caliber education that prepares them for success in whatever they choose – whether it’s transfer into one of our many partner institutions, or entry into the workforce with a competitive edge. Students completing our transfer programs graduate from local and regional colleges and universities. Individual courses are widely accepted at regional universities and beyond.

Our faculty is passionate about our student success, both in and out of the classroom. We hold our students to the highest standards, enabling them to reach their greatest academic potential. In addition to the highly-credentialed, caring faculty and first-rate facilities, STEM's administrative support staff offers the finest level of caring and attention for students, ensuring that their needs are met, questions are answered, and concerns are handled in a timely and responsible manner.

Program Offerings

The STEM Division offers Associate of Science (AS) degrees in Computer Science, Pre-Engineering, General Science and Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer (ASLT) degrees in Biological and Physical Sciences.

STEM Division online cafe and info center on Canvas 

The STEM division is happy to announce the new STEM division online cafe and info center located in CANVAS as a course. All students are invited to join the conversation and use this site as a resource for your development and growth. There you will find material designed to help you become ready for graduation and your STEM degree, as well as lots of other resources. Look for the STEM Division online café and info center course in your Canvas account under “Courses” to self register. 

STEM Division Leadership

Dennis R. Taylor, Dean
STEM Division
Phone (225) 216-8028 

Raven Dora',  Chair
Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Department
Phone: (225) 216-8105

Barbara Hasek, Ph.D., Interim Chair
Science Department