Computer Science & Engineering Department

The Associate of Science in Computer Science degree at Baton Rouge Community College will provide students with the core computer science knowledge and skills that will prepare them to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year academic institution.

Computer scientist graduates use technology to solve simple and complex problems.  They are known for developing, writing, and testing software to make computers do new and exciting things as well as accomplish processes and tasks more efficiently. They can create mobile applications, software applications, and even design webpages. Computer scientist professionals work everywhere, from huge technology firms and government agencies to nonprofit organizations and private companies.  They must be able to think critically and logically and have good oral and written communication skills.  Effective communication skills are desired because many computer scientists work in team settings.

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MISSION STATEMENT:  "The Computer Science & Engineering Department strives to develop and prepare students into knowledgeable computer scientists and engineers who will contribute to society through academic excellence and innovative technology."