Step 1: BRCC Admission Requirements

  1. Complete an application online to enroll in Baton Rouge Community College here: First Time Student Enrollment.
  2. Register online for a Student ID number (L Number) by following the LOLA ID Login
  3. Review payment options such as financial aid, deferred pay and scholarships here: Financial Aid Office.
  4. Seek advising from the Automotive Technology Faculty if you have questions about the program of study.
  5. Once finally accepted, schedule classes, pay tuition and fees by payment due date at the Bursar's Office.
  6. Obtain student ID card at the Public Safety Office.
  7. Register your car and obtain parking hang-tag at the Public Safety Office.
  8. Check your on-line schedule the week before classes begin to be aware of changes that have occurred.

If you are a current or prospective student, you can reach us several different ways: call us toll-free at 1-866-217-9823. You can also email our Student Support Center at or the Automotive Training Center at

Remember, you are not enrolled until tuition and fees have been paid!


Step 2: Automotive Technology Program Admission Requirements

  1. Must have completed all BRCC admission requirements.
  2. Must submit a complete BRCC Automotive Technology Program Admissions Application by the stated deadline.
  3. Applicant must meet all Automotive Technology Program Admissions Requirements.
      • Minimum age 18.
      • Possess a valid driver’s license
      • Pass a drug and criminal background check
      • Math and Writing Proficiency as determined by assessment scores outlined in the chart below.





Reading Comp


Sentence Skills








Elem Alg.




Alg 40





College Algebra



Selection Criteria for Automotive Technology Program Applicants

Total Possible Points‐ 8 points maximum

  • Placement Score = 4 points maximum
  • Motor Vehicle Record = 4 points maximum

 Scores will be calculated to obtain a composite score for each applicant. Applicants will be ranked solely on the basis of their composite score.


Provisional (1)

Poor (2)

Average (3)

Excellent (4)

Raw Score


Placement Score

Below Minimum Placement Scores in Two Proficiency Areas

Below Minimum Placement Scores in One Proficiency Area

Meets Minimum Placement Scores

Exceeds Placement Scores



Motor Vehicle Record

2+ Violations**


2 Violations

1 Violation

No Violations




**Applicants with more than 2 moving violations must receive approval from the Automotive Technology Advisory Committee before being provisionally admitted into the program.

Step 3: Selection Notification

Provisional Admissions

  1. Applicants will be notified by email of provisional admission status and will receive an electronic invitation with details on the process to complete background check and drug screening.
  2. Applicants must complete the background check and drug screening to gain full admission to the program.
      • Background Check
          1. MUST be completed at Sterling Backcheck
          2. The cost for the background check is incurred by student and is non-refundable.
          3. Sterling Backcheck will directly bill students to perform the services listed below($123.00):
              1. Social Security $8:00
              2. Criminal Parish/County Conviction $42.50
              3. Motor Vehicle Report $11.50, plus $16.00 State Fee
              4. Drug Testing (10 Panel Urine Test)  $45.00
        • Students who test positive on the drug screen or make any attempt to tamper with a specimen will be subject to disqualification of their acceptance and/or dismissal from the Automotive Technology program.

 Final Admissions

  1. Upon receipt of successful completion of the background check and drug screening, applicants will receive an email confirming final admission to the program.
  2. Applicants must accept their offer of admission by letter to, or in person at, the Automotive Training Center by the published deadline.
  3. Students who accept the offer for admission must attend a MANDATORY orientation session, date and time to be announced.
  4. Students who are not accepted for admission may schedule an appointment for advising.