Hybrid Cohort

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is the highest priority. 

We recognize that some students want to come back on campus, so we are offering this cohort model. Students who sign up for a cohort, sign up for all four courses in the cohort. There is no mixing and matching between cohorts, and you cannot sign up for just one or two of the cohort classes. We know that the cohort will not meet the needs of every student, but we tried to offer a group of classes that would meet the needs of as many students as possible. 

Some limited additional courses are available as hybrid courses. If students want to take a hybrid math or science course as a fifth course to add to a cohort, they will be able to do so. They also could take a fifth class online.

Students may take the additional hybrid courses a la carte; in other words, if students just want to come on campus to take one of the available science courses, they can do so.

Students who are in SPRW 0093 and a developmental math course would not be eligible for the cohort; however, we are offering limited hybrid course offerings in these courses to meet the needs of these students who might want some face-to-face instruction in these disciplines. 

The cohort is targeted toward students in non-technical Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs.

Nursing and Allied Health and Technical Education courses will continue to meet in face-to-face and hybrid formats just as they did for the Fall 2020 semester.

Students who are interested in the hybrid cohort can fill out this form to receive more information about how to sign up for the cohort: https://form.jotform.com/202875227916058

How does the hybrid cohort work?

In the hybrid cohort, you will come to class for four classes, back-to-back, one day a week in a safe environment, with proper social distancing, cleaning, and other measures to keep you safe. The rest of your coursework for those four courses will take place online. "Hybrid" means part online and part in-person.

Space is limited and available as first-come, first-served.

What are the class options? 

You will be able to select one cohort, take all 4 courses in that group on one day, and complete the remainder of the classwork online.   Remember, there's no mixing and matching of cohorts or changing out these classes for different ones. 

How to register for the Cohort?

Step 1:  https://form.jotform.com/202875227916058

Step 2:  Check your email for your cohort instructions which will be sent to you from a BRCC team member. If you are not able to take the cohort classes, we can discuss other course options with you.

Step 3: Follow the email instructions for registering for your cohort classes.
If you have any challenges,  Email: advisingservices@mybrcc.edu  with the  subject line: Cohort. Include your Name and Student ID in the body of the email.

Are There Other Hybrid Course Options?
There are limited hybrid (part online, part in person) course options in areas such as science, math, Reading and Writing for College/SPRW 0093, theatre and construction. These courses do not have to be taken as a cohort group and are listed in the course schedule.  Look for those courses listed under the attribute of Regular/On Campus course. 

What if I want to take 5 classes?
Students who are interested in five classes, or 15 credit hours, can take their fifth class online, or a few limited specialty classes also are available in the hybrid format. Simply select the online or hybrid class from the Spring 2021 course schedule that you want to take as your fifth class. Contact advisingservices@mybrcc.edu  if you need assistance in selecting a fifth class.

What if I don't want to take all of those classes?
We want to keep our students as safe as possible by having them take these courses together. If you aren't interested in taking all four classes in this format, we'd like to recommend that you select online courses instead.

Still have questions?

Email: advisingservices@mybrcc.edu put in Subject Line: Cohort Classes