Evening and Weekend Programs

Weekend College

The Weekend College program currently offers two certificates that can be completed by enrolling in and passing 15 credit hours of courses over two semesters. Click on the links below to explore each certificate. Classes are held in the Cypress Building on the Mid City Campus and meet on Friday evenings (beginning at 5:30 PM) and all day Saturday (beginning at 8:00 AM). There is no special registration or additional fees to pursue either of these certificates through the Weekend College. You do not have to be registered in the Weekend College to enroll in any of these classes. Offering classes for working adults on the weekend, now that is innovative learning. For more information, please email us at Weekend College.

Certificate of General Studies                                   Certificate of Business Administration

The courses being offered in the Spring 2020 semester that can be used for these degrees include the following.


Evening Courses

Did you know that you can earn a degree or certificate from BRCC just by taking classes in the evening? It’s true and easy to do. BRCC offers more than 100 classes in the evening (4:30 PM and later). Offering you flexible scheduling is another way BRCC provides innovative learning. The best way to create a schedule using only evening classes is to access the current BRCC course schedule, select all the subjects, then select 'evening' in the session box. Hit enter and discover what BRCC has to offer.