College Level Equivalency Examinations (CLEP)

There are a variety of ways to earn college credit by testing. BRCC will award college credit to students who receive the appropriate passing score on the College Level Examination Program, Advanced Placement Examination, Departmental Credit by Examination, and DSST Examination Program. Students should send a request to the appropriate company and ask that a score report be sent directly to the BRCC Office of Enrollment Services so that the document can be used to award credit and placed on the individual’s official transcript. All equivalency credit is subject to future review and possible catalog changes. If you are anticipating transferring to a four year school after completing your degree at BRCC, you should check with that institution about the requirements for college level equivalency examinations and/or prior learning assessment.

To set an appointment to take a CLEP test, please send an email to

Students may not request:
    to challenge a course by examination a second time
    to challenge a course by examination while currently enrolled in the course
    to establish credit in a previously completed course, or
    to establish credit for a lower level of a course in which credit has been received

If successful, a grade of Pass (P) is recorded on the student's transcript with a notation of "credit by examination". A $30 proctoring fee is charged for each examination.

Here is a list of the CLEP subjects that are accepted for credit at BRCC.
CLEP Subject Examinations