Information and How Tos

How to Register for eLearning Courses
The process for registering for eLearning courses is the same as registering for all of your other courses. Please see our registration page for instructions about how to register for all courses. We strongly suggest that you consult with an academic adviser before selecting your classes.

Courses are not visible/available in Canvas until the first day of class. If you add/drop a class after classes begin, it can take up to 24 hours for your changes to transfer from LoLa to Canvas.

Finding BRCC eLearning Classes
When looking at the Course Schedule, you can choose Session Type "Online" to bring up only online courses within the subject selected.  If you want to see all online courses being offered in this particular semester, highlight all subjects (to do this click on the first subject, scroll down, then shift + click on the last subject and all subjects should be highlighted), select Session Type "Online" and click submit.  All online classes offered should be displayed. We strongly suggest that you consult with an academic adviser before selecting your classes.

Look for second 7-week courses that run from October 12-December 5 here.

What about textbooks?
Most courses will require a textbook, access code, or other course materials.  To find out what is required for your course, go to the BRCC Online Bookstore.

Important things to know about BRCC eLearning
All exams for eLearning classes are proctored.  BRCC is providing access to Proctorio at no charge to the student.  Your instructor will provides details on how to use this software for testing. You can access self-help resources or interact with Proctorio staff here.

What about financial aid?
Visit financial aid page. If you are looking for refund options, visit the Bursar's refund page..

Prior Learning Experience Can Earn You Credit
Have you served in the military? You may be able to turn your military education into college credit. Email us for more information. Maybe you received an Industry Based Certification (IBC)? You may be able to turn that into college credit. Email us for more information.

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What do I need to be successful in an eLearning course?
You will need access to technology (desktop, laptop, Chromebook, iPad, etc.) for the duration of the semester. You will also need access to the Internet. eLearning courses (online synchronous/live, online asynchronous and hybrid) are conducted using the Canvas LMS. BRCC is committed to the principles of digital inclusion. If you do not have access to technology or the Internet, BRCC may be able to help you. Please notify any of your instructors about your issues as soon as possible. In addition, if you are looking for support in terms of your comfort level with working online, please contact a Digital Literacy Intern for assistance.