Get Started with Fully Online Options

Thank you for choosing BRCC. Whether you want to take a few classes to improve your chances for a promotion, earn a certificate or associates degree, or complete your degree at a four-year school, we are happy that you have selected us to help you realize your goals.

Hopefully you will find the answers to all of your questions here but if you don’t, send us an email at If you are looking to take a class that is not currently offered online, complete our request survey now.

How to Register for eLearning Courses

The process for registering for online courses is the same as registering for all of your other courses. Please see our registration page for instructions about how to register for all courses. We strongly suggest that you consult with an academic advisor before selecting your classes.

Courses are not visible/available in Canvas until the first day of classes. If you add/drop a class after classes begin, it can take up to 24 hours for your changes to transfer from LoLa to Canvas.

Finding eLearning Classes on the BRCC Schedule

When looking at the Class Schedule, you can choose Session Type "Online" to bring up only online courses within the subject selected.  If you want to see all online courses being offered in this particular semester, highlight all subjects (to do this click on the first subject, scroll down, then shift + click on the last subject and all subjects should be highlighted), select Session Type "Online" and click submit.  All online classes offered should be displayed. We strongly suggest that you consult with an academic advisor before selecting your classes.

What about textbooks?

Most courses will require a textbook, access code, or other course materials.  To find out what is required for your course, go to the BRCC Online Bookstore.

Important things to know about eLearning at BRCC

  1. All exams for eLearning classes are proctored.  Students have the option to utilize BRCC’s Testing Center (located on our Mid City Campus) or ProctorU**.  Other arrangements are possible for students living outside the Baton Rouge area.  Students utilizing the BRCC Testing Center can schedule an appointment by visiting the Testing Center webpage.
  2. BRCC utilizes Canvas as its learning management system. 
  3. For more information on eLearning at BRCC, email or call (225) 216-8228.

**Students utilizing ProctorU will pay a fee per exam.  Fees vary from $18 to $25 per exam. You can access ProctorU through your Canvas page. A link is located in the left column near the bottom of the list.

What about financial aid?
You can view the financial information for BRCC here. If you are looking for refund options, click here.