Here are some of the most common questions our eLearners have asked us. Take a look and see if you can find an answer to your question. If not, please send us an email at elearning@mybrcc.edu.

How do I apply for admissions to BRCC?
Visit the home page of BRCC (www.mybrcc.edu) and click on the Apply button along the top of the page.

How do I register for classes once I am enrolled?
Complete instructions are listed here.

What is an online class (WEB)? 
An online class meets 100 percent online using the Camvas LMS. You will not have a meeting time or a classroom location. All of your work and testing will be done online.

What is a hybrid class?
A hybrid class will meet online and onsite. Typically you will have class onsite (at either the Mid City Campus or one of our instructional sites) at least a few times during the semester. The rest of the time the class will "meet" virtually using the Canvas LMS. 

When am I able to log into my Canvas account and look at my course information?
You are able to log in on the first day of class. You should check your Canvas account daily for updates related to all of your courses.

I want to send my instructor an email. Where can I find an email address?
If you are trying to send your instructor an email before the semester has started, you can search for your instructor on the BRCC Directory page. If you are trying to send your instructor an email once the semester has started, you can use the email feature on Canvas.

I am having technology related problems. Where do I go for help?
You have two basic options. The first is the BRCC IT Help Desk. The second (and usually better option since it is monitored 24/7) is by using the help feature on Canvas. This button is located on the far left of your Canvas screen. If you do not receive the assistance you were looking for, you might want to ask a classmate through the Canvas email feature.

Does BRCC offer any degrees or certificates fully online?
Those options are located here.

Does it cost more to take online classes at BRCC?
There is a $40 fee that is assessed each semester you register for online classes at BRCC.

Do I need to provide immunization records as a fully online student?
No, but you must complete and submit a Waiver of Vacination and Release from Responsibility form.

How can I order my textbooks online?
The BRCC Bookstore is a great place to start. Once there:

Is there a way to talk with someone about my issue?
You can contact the eLearning Program staff by email or phone (225.216.8228)