Paralegal Studies

Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies provides a course of study and degree for students who intend to pursue a career as a paralegal. It provides the general education and skills applicable to the paralegal profession while educating students in the theory and philosophy of the law, as well as the ethics of legal practice. Students will learn the practical skills necessary to effectively assist lawyers in either the private or public sectors, based on their choice of electives. This program of study is not designed for college transfer. Also, it must be noted that while paralegals assist lawyers with legal work, they are strictly prohibited from engaging in the practice of law and cannot provide legal services directly to the public.

This program of study is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).  To comply with ABA requirements, students must take at least nine semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through synchronous instruction.

Paralegal Studies, Associate of Applied Science Checklist, 2021-2022
Paralegal Studies, Associate of Applied Science Pathway, 2021-2022
General Education Course List, 2021-2022 (courses to be used where "General Education" is indicated)


To receive this degree, the student must:

Policy for Review of Transfer Courses in Paralegal Studies:

All paralegal courses accepted for transfer must be from a regionally accredited institution and equivalent to the courses offered at BRCC. These courses must be approved by the paralegal program director. Students seeking to transfer credit must submit transcripts and course descriptions and, if required, a detailed course syllabus for evaluation of the proposed transfer courses.

No more than 15 credits of paralegal specialty courses will be accepted (out of a total of 33 paralegal specialty credits). No more than 6 credits will be accepted for transfer in any alternative delivery (online or hybrid) format.