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BRCC issues refunds to students when the amount of the payment (credit) exceeds the charges applied.

Students can monitor their refunds by accessing their LOLA account and setting up alerts through their Bank Mobile account.

All refunds will be delivered through the Bank Mobile refund system. Every new enrolled student will receive a pin code in the mail from Bank Mobile. Students will need to activate their Bank Mobile account once they receive their pin code. Students may choose from two options:

It is the student’s responsibility to verify that his or her correct address is on file with the college.
To learn more about Bank Mobile students may visit Bank Mobile's website.

100% Refunds
Students who formally drop from a course or withdraw from the college before the scheduled semester or 7 week session begins are entitled to a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

Less Than 100% Refunds
Students who formally withdraw from courses during the scheduled 50% - 25% refundable period will be refunded a calculated percentage of tuition and refundable fees.