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Student Programs and Resources (SPAR)

The mission of the Office of Student Programs and Resources, or SPAR, is to enrich student engagement by offering diverse and innovative services and programs which promote retention, foster leadership, and provide the skills and opportunities for members of the campus community to become better students, leaders, and citizens.


SPAR is the primary source for information on student activities, and ideas for new and future activities are always welcome. Any student, faculty, or staff member with questions or suggestions should visit the SPAR Office or contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions about SPAR

Why should I get involved in BRCC campus life?

Educational research shows that when students get involved in campus life, they are more likely to succeed academically.  Meaningful involvement in extracurricular activities can give you an edge when you compete for scholarships and jobs.  Experience, leadership, and organizational skills are just a few competencies gained through participating in clubs/organizations.

What is the Student Government Association (SGA)?

The SGA is the voice of the student body.  Students make up the entire membership and play a major part in critical decision making that impacts their peers.

When are the SGA meetings held?

SGA meetings are held every1st and 3rd Thursday at 1:00 p.m.  1st Thursday SGA meetings are held at the main campus, room 152 and 3rd Thursday SGA meetings are held at the Acadian site, 2nd floor, student activity room. Everyone is invited to attend.

How may I request funding from the SGA for my project?

SPAR and the SGA are improving the process of applying for funding from the SGA for your student-related project. Check back soon for more information and for access to the forms you will need to complete in order to initiate the process. 

Programs and Resources that We Provide

Student Resource Guide 
This resource guide is a resource that can guide you through the steps you may need to follow to be self-sufficient if and when a situation or needs arise.  It is impossible to predict every situation, but you can use this resource guide as a tool to assist you during difficult times.