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Academic Early Alert

ROAR’s Academic Early Alert is a program designed as a timely intervention for students who are observed to be experiencing academic difficulty each semester. The program emphasizes collaborative efforts between students, their instructors, and the Office of ROAR. The program specifically alert students to seek assistance as needed in order to be academically successful. Check out how the process works:

Instructors refer students via the Early Alert System available online.

Students are notified via email that they have been referred to Academic Early Alert (Office of ROAR)

Students must make an appointment with the Office of ROAR. The office also receives a list of referred students and will reach out to students who have not made contact.

Students will meet with a ROAR Staff to discuss academic goals and action plans for improvement and/or referred to appropriate other Support Services

Bi-weekly    follow-up
Progress Report to Student, ROAR & Instructor

SUCCESS!! If students who have been identified as Early Alerts go through this process, they are likely to increase their probability of succeeding.  Instructors may also check the status of any referred students by contacting the Office of ROAR.