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Transcript Request

How to Request a Transcript

STEP 1: Access the National Student Clearinghouse Website.

STEP 2: Select image from clearinghouse

STEP 3: Select “Order or Track a Transcript”

STEP 4: Select your school

Choose “Baton Rouge Community College” and click "Submit"

STEP 5: After reading the transcript ordering information, select “Start”

STEP 6: Enter required personal information

There are 3 pages. Make sure to click “next” to advance the page. If you would like your transcript to be processed after your degree and/or grades are posted, please indicate this under the “Processing Option” selection.

*NOTE* All transcripts are sent via e-Script to requested colleges.

STEP 7: Verify Transcript Order

STEP 8: Submit Payment for transcript request

STEP 9: Sign Consent