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Perkins Grant Staff

Perkins Grant Coordinator

The Perkins Coordinator is responsible for the management and coordination of the Carl D. Perkins grants.

In cooperation and collaboration with secondary, post-secondary, and workforce partners, the Perkins Grant Coordinator:

Contact the Perkins Grant Coordinator
Brittney Williams
Suite 227, Acadian (site)

CTE Retention Specialists

The CTE Retention Specialists work with college administrators, faculty, and student services to assist students with specific needs. The specialists develop and implement program specific retention plans, and performs other duties to ensure students are successful.   The CTE Retention Specialists also work with special populations including students who are considered non-traditional (by occupation), disabled, economically disadvantaged, single parents, displaced homemakers, and students with limited English proficiency.

In cooperation and collaboration with college administrators, the CTE Retention Specialists:

College and Careers Transitions Coordinators

The College and Careers Transitions Coordinators (CCTC) help make connections between high school, college, business and industry. CCTCS work to enhance the knowledge level about career and technical education opportunities available to secondary students at the postsecondary level through communication of career coaching activities, dual enrollment opportunities, and articulation agreements.  

In cooperation and collaboration with regional, state, and local entities the College and Career Transitions Coordinators: