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Tutor Development Program Recertified

tutorsBaton Rouge Community College’s (BRCC) Tutor Development Program, located in the Academic Learning Center on the Mid-City campus has successfully received a five-year recertification by the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program (ITTP). 

Beginning in 1998, BRCC’s Tutor Development Program, was first certified by the CRLA ITTP in 2000. Certification can encompass three levels – Certified Tutor, Advanced Certified Tutor, and Master Certified Tutor – BRCC’s program is certified at all levels.

While tutoring programs can function without certification, the documentation provides recognition and positive reinforcement for tutors’ and mentors’ successful work. It sets professional standards of skill and training for tutors and mentoring. It also augments program credibility for administrators and institutions, as the certification gives faculty, staff and students the confidence that the tutors are trained in tutoring techniques and communication skills.

Further, being certified benefits the tutors themselves, who are then able to boost their resumes with the accreditation. More than the ability to hone strong leadership skills, tutors also build upon their own academic abilities, as they become even more familiar with the materials they tutor. 

The success of the peer tutoring program comes in many forms, including the daily stories of students who are now exceling in areas where they once felt hopeless. The program also boasts the success of tutor retention. While a two-year institution, BRCC is surrounded by four-year universities, giving it the opportunity to maintain a roster of trained tutors, who return for work even after leaving the college. Some past students are now enrolled in, or have completed doctoral programs.

Free tutoring for individuals and small groups is provided for all BRCC students. The tutors are recruited from BRCC, Louisiana State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and Southern University. They must possess a 3.0 grade point average in the course or the subject matter they wish to tutor, and an overall 3.0 grade point average. Tutors also attend weekly training sessions.

The Academic Learning Center provides all BRCC students with a safe and supportive environment that promotes peer interaction through conversation and collaboration. The center offers a variety of resources designed to promote persistence and student success as students strive to meet their educational goals. Services include consultation and referral, writing assistance, peer-learning assistance, workshops, ESL support, study rooms and the online learning center.