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Tenth Annual International Education Festival

posterCountries from around the world will be represented at Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) during the 10th annual International Education Festival. This event will be held Nov. 14-18, on the college's Mid City Campus, 201 Community College Drive. The festival gives BRCC students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to share and celebrate their cultural heritage through music, dance, food, lectures, and exhibits. All events are FREE and open to the public. This event is sponsored by BRCC, and the BRCC Student Government Association. For more information, call (225) 216-8568.



International Education Festival Breakfast (8a-9a, Bienvenue Student Center)
To kick-off International Education Festival, FREE breakfast will be served to the first 100 students in attendance.

Brazilian music presentation and performance (9a-10a, Governors Building Recital Hall) 
Brazilian music presentation and performance hosted by Dr. Joao Paulo Casarotti and Jamie Gurt/Dr. Joao Paulo Casarotti, Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Southern University A&M College, and Jamie Gurt, Assistant Professor at BRCC, will present a lecture-recital on Brazilian Music for Piano.  The presentation will feature a combination of live performances of works of Brazilian composers and presentation on the musical and cultural influences on the works performed. Featured composers will include Heitor Villa Lobos, Ernesto Nazareth, Aylton Escobar, Ernest Mahle, and Francisco Mignone.

Hand Drumming Clinic Demonstration(12:30p-1:30p), Governors Building Recital Hall)
Presented by Dr. Charles Brooks music professor at Baton Rouge Community College.
The Use of Hand Drums in Western Popular Music.  I will lecture and demonstrate performance techniques of several hand drums and the musical styles from which they are derived to introduce hand drumming to the audience. At which point I will be joined by one of my students Jose Botello to demonstrate the transfer of these techniques into modern Popular Music.

BRCC Jazz Ensemble (1:30p-2:30p, Bienvenue Student center cafeteria)
The BRCC Jazz Band, directed by BRCC music professor and professional musician, Eric Baskin, will perform Jazz.

Cultural Presentation: Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration (2:30-3:30, Governors Recital hall) Mr. Randy Zwez is a librarian at the Bluebonnet Library.
He will give a historic overview of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Latin America and the Independence of the Central American countries from Spain.


BRCC Storytellers Food Drive Event (12:00p-1:15p, Fountain at Mid-City Campus)
Have you ever eaten something and it reminded you of a memory that immediately brought you back to a specific time in your life? The BRCC Storytellers invites you to share your story! Come share your stories of culture, family, and food in celebration of the International Education Festival.  We ask that you bring a canned good to donate to the Baton Rouge Food Bank.  At this event, you will share your own food story with fellow students and enjoy a FREE lunch from Maxwell’s Market.  

Lega Dance, Dr. Ikanga Tchomba. (2:30p-3:30p, Bienvenue Student Center)
The present dance is of the people Lega, located in the Eastern Congo as one of the biggest ethnic groups. Balega live in various provinces: Sud-Kivu, Nord-Kivu, Pangi, Mwenga and Walikale. This population is estimated to more than 500 thousand people.
Forest people and hunters, Balega are recognized for their wisdom and their philosophy closer to the nature. They are also recognized for several talents as their dance but especially for their art, metaphor of the moral beauty which fascinates the world for its figurines, metaphor of the thought Lega. This art has inspired many western artists in particular Pablo Picasso.
The dance Lega is an expression of rejoicing. The Balega people use traditional instruments to celebrate the birth, the marriage, the harvest of products of fields, the community works, and the rites. This soft dance as its music express, rules  of the community, the morality, the ethics, the fundamental social values for a good community, the kindness, the community manners and others ideas for the better functioning of Lega community.


Ethnomusicology: Music of Australian Aborigines. Dr. Charles Brooks (1:00-2:00, Governors Recital Hall) Reception to follow catered by Jason’s Deli.
Dr. Charles Brooks will lecture on the history and development of Aboriginal music, its use and practices, the instruments and its impact on Australian Popular music.

Environmental Science Student presentations (1:30- 2:45)
International environmental issue presentations will be held throughout campus from 1:30-2:45. In the Bienvenue Student Center, you can learn more about how France became the first country to ban supermarket food waste.  In the lobby of the Louisiana building, learn more about solutions for air pollution in Beijing, China.  Visit the lobby of the Governor’s building for more information on the deforestation that is occurring in Indonesia. 


Chinese Lion Dance Performance (11a-12p Magnolia Theater)
Visit the Magnolia Theater for the International Education Festival’s most dramatic performance.  White Crane Kung Fu Studio, Baton Rouge’s premier Kung Fu Studio, teaches the art of Kung Fu and engages the Baton Rouge community through performances and fundraising events.  Members of White Crane will perform the elaborate “good luck” tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing.  The performance will include martial art, costumes, music, and a discussion of the meanings and origins of the tradition from Lou Illar, Kung Fu master, scholar, and owner of the White Crane Studio.   We look forward to seeing you there!

JIVA-NOLA: (12:00pm-1:00pm, Governors Recital Hall) 
JIVA-NOLA is a new and exciting music group from New Orleans led by Mehnaz Hoosein (vocals) and Andrew McLean (guitar) with Dan Caro (drums), Matt Blaize (bass), Tom Chute (sampler) & Ethan Stern (keys). The group performs new and old compositions from popular Indian and other genres with a fresh, New Orleans inspired, live music approach.

A History of the Garden Gnome:  Presented by Christopher Brumfield (2:30-3:30pm, Cypress 118)
Ceramicist and BRCC Instructor, Mr. Chris Brumfield will discuss the history of garden gnomes. 

Salsa Dancers- Performance from Salsa Ardiente Dance Company (3:30p-5:30p Bienvenue Student Center)
Want to learn how to salsa dance? Join Sarita Rayna from 3:30-4:30 for a salsa dancing workshop.  At 4:30, she will be joined by members of the Salsa Ardiente Dance Company and perform.
Salsa Ardiente Dance Company unites all ages in the community through dance! Salsa Ardiente Dance Company was founded in Tri-Cities, Tennessee in 2007.  After 5 years of successfully pioneering what is today a thriving Latin dance community in that region, a new opportunity arose to replicate the movement’s success here in Baton Rouge.
Reception to follow catered by La Carretta.



Daniel Karate Group (11a-12p, Dumas Conference Room)
John G. Daniel is the Founder and President of the Unity Day Youth and Family Zone; Chair of the Family & Community Committee for the Louisiana Council on the Status of Black Boys and Men, House Bill 876 (2008-present), Board Member of the East Baton Rouge Children and Youth Planning Board (Legislative Act 555), and Founder of the Police Achievement League: BLOCK PAL EBRP.  He is also the Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baton Rouge, John G. Daniel Productions and the Daniel Karate Group.  A 7th Degree Black Belt, he serves as the Karate Commissioner for the Louisiana Governor’s Games.  At BRCC, he will illustrate the way in which martial arts can teach life skills and empower youth who are struggling to achieve success.  He’ll be facilitating discussion and asking the audience to actually demonstrate some basic karate movements in small groups.  Participants should dress in comfortable, athletic clothing for movement.

BRCC Student Cultural Art Show - (10a-12p, Magnolia Gallery)
Presented by Christopher Brumfield and Danielle Burns
BRCC Ceramic students will present cultural displays on heritage, social themes, and international art in the Magnolia Gallery. Don't miss the ceramic masks and Vessels from different cultures and art pieces exploring global perspectives. Reception to follow catered by Jason’s Deli.           

Empty Bowls Project- Christopher Brumfield (12:00-4:00 Frazier building)Student Email Login
This event is for local potters and community members to come to the Frazier Art Building and help make and decorate bowls for the Baton Rouge Food Banks Empty Bowls fund raiser to be held later this year.  Basic Bowl making and decorating will be demonstrated.