BRCC STEM students selected for paid internships at four Louisiana colleges, universities


Fifteen BRCC STEM students were chosen for paid summer internship positions at either BRCC, Southern University and A&M College, or Southeastern Louisiana University. These internships are funded by the Baton Rouge Community College MSEIP grant and by the Capital One STEM grant. All internships are designed to give students hands-on experience in the research field with the goal of presenting at a national conference upon completion. 

BRCC interns will work with Dr. Mary Miller, Associate Professor of Biology and Undergraduate Research Coordinator at BRCC, on a Louisiana Freshwater Sponge Survey. These interns are Charmaine Smith, Daisy Santos, Cole Vanichchagorn-Howell, Quinton  Moore, Chau Voung, Diamonique Curvin. Mr. Vanichchagorn-Howell will also be working with the Chemical Engineering Department at LSU studying nanoplastic interactions under the direction of Dr. Bhuvnesh Bharti. Research mentors working with Dr. Miller are Ms. Ori Roussel and Mr. Michael Hogan, who are graduates of BRCC.

Southern University and A&M College interns will be working on different engineering, computer science, and biology projects. These interns are Dakota Burns, Sarah Babin, Joshua Neal, Mark Abrahams, Anaya Askins, Angela Winfield, and Matthew Williams. The research mentors include Dr. Fred Lacy, Dr. Yasser Ismail, Dr. Shizhong Yang, Patrick Mensha, and Dr. Yaser Banadaki.

Southeastern Louisiana University interns will be working on biology and chemistry projects. These interns are Camron Flemming and Hailey Bamugo. The research mentors are Dr. Kyle Piller and Dr. Benjamin Wicker.

In addition to these internships, three students (not shown), Janell Smith, Matthew Heyer, and Afreeda Azad, were selected for internships through Louisiana State University as part of the LSU EXPLORE program.