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Baton Rouge Community College congratulates all of its Fall 2017 graduates!

Baton Rouge Community College congratulates all of its Fall 2017 graduates!

BRCC celebrated its 19th Commencement ceremony on Friday, December 15 in the Bonne Sante' Health and Wellness Center on the Mid City Campus. It is the first time in the college's 19-year history that a fall commencement ceremony was held.

During the ceremony, degrees were conferred for more than 367 students who completed their studies for summer and fall 2017. East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome delivered the keynote address.

Business and Social Sciences

AA Louisiana Transfer        Business
Alexander Antoine                                                                  Zachary
Kelley Lynn Hirschey                                                             Baton Rouge
William Mitch Mosley                                                             Greenwell Springs
Shabella Stephanie Annie Renaud                                           Baton Rouge

AA Louisiana Transfer        Criminal Justice
Kenyatta Raashi Anderson                                                      Metairie
Larry Dailey                                                                            Baton Rouge
Kirstin Bailie Seitz                                                                   Prairieville

AA Louisiana Transfer        Social Sciences
Keisha D. Alexander                                                               Saint Gabriel
Kenyatta Raashi Anderson                                                      Metairie
George H. Bolinger                                                                 Prairieville
Shelia Gale Brown                                                                  Baton Rouge
Donna P. Burnett                                                                     Baton Rouge
Basheba N. Caine                                                                    Baton Rouge
Berry Ferguson                                                                       Port Allen
Karlisa Monet' Franklin                                                           Baton Rouge
Reagan Elizabeth Frioux                                                          Zachary
Roosevelt Gant, Jr.                                                                   Baton Rouge
Robert Joseph Gauthier                                                           Baton Rouge
Amanda Danielle Gibbs                                                          Gonzales
Annie Griffin                                                                           Lockport
Kelsey Lyann Hicks                                                                Baton Rouge
Glen Eric Hill, II                                                                      Baton Rouge
Emily F. Lindsay                                                                     Baton Rouge
Jannie L. Murray                                                                     Baton Rouge
Levant Marsale Nicholson, II                                                   Prairieville
Christopher Jordan Pitts                                                          Baton Rouge
Christopher Jordan Pitts                                                          Baton Rouge
Kyira M. Terry                                                                        Addis
Grace Julia Williams                                                                Zachary

Associate of Applied Science    Business Technology    Entrepreneurship
Jasmine N. Turner                                                                   Zachary

Associate of Applied Science    Business Technology    Management
Lanika Renia Alexander                                                          Baker
Kimberly D. Collins                                                                Addis
Tenisha C. Collor                                                                    Gonzales
Nhu Dao                                                                                  Baton Rouge
Pierre Maurice Gant, Jr.                                                           Baton Rouge
Trulisa T. Hollinds                                                                  Baton Rouge
Lashika Nicole Jones                                                               Baton Rouge
Lakiesha L. London                                                                 Maringouin
Stephanie A. Price                                                                   Priairieville
Gissell Saldana                                                                        Baton Rouge
Daniel Courtney Sanders                                                         Prairieville
Melissa Ann Scheve                                                                Baton Rouge
Jaona Nicole Travis                                                                 Baton Rouge

Associate of Applied Science    Construction Management   
Zachary Steven Besch Barnes                                                 Prairieville
Kyle M. Blanchard                                                                  Livonia
Logan D. Buckner                                                                   Baton Rouge
Maurice D. Byrd                                                                     Baton Rouge
Charles Tanner Gordon                                                           Baton Rouge
Brian James Hornsby                                                              Baton Rouge
Siu Ho Hua                                                                             Baton Rouge
Chance L. Johnson                                                                  Baton Rouge
Travis D. Kais                                                                         baton rouge
Edgar Said Lopez                                                                    Denham Springs
Ty S. Loyd                                                                              Covington
Connor N. Lynch                                                                    Baton Rouge
Cody D. Maxwell                                                                    Denham Springs
Evan M. Molina                                                                      Baton Rouge
Nicholas Chase Ourso                                                             Prairieville
Francisco Javier Ozuna                                                           Baton Rouge
Wesley Steven Tanner                                                             Saint Francisville
Taylor Martin Valle                                                                 Baton Rouge
Shanelle Wilkinson                                                                  St. Amant

Associate of Applied Science    Paralegal Studies   
Alyssa N. Bush                                                                       Houma
Dani Costner                                                                           Baton Rouge
Sonya Danielle Ford                                                                Ethel
Chauntelle L. Hanson                                                              Baton Rouge
Krystal K. Johnson                                                                 Baton Rouge
Abigail Leigh Lahue                                                                Baton Rouge
Natalie N. Landry                                                                    Donaldsonville
Allie E. Larson                                                                        Port Allen
Gregory T. Sanders                                                                 Baton Rouge
Leslie Jane Shipp                                                                     Greenwell Springs
Maria L. Snowden                                                                   Baton Rouge
Lindsey A. Speer                                                                     Breaux Bridge

Associate of Science    Business   
Brandi P. Abney                                                                      New Iberia
Taylor Meghan Ashley                                                            Denham Springs
Colin Baldridge                                                                       Baton Rouge
Lane Michael Barilleau                                                            Greenwell Springs
Michael Anthony Bergeron                                                     Baton Rouge
Angelic Blanchard                                                                   Plaquemine
Michael Jules Castine, IV                                                        Baton Rouge
Nicholas J. Cole                                                                      Port Allen
Karl V. Fetzer, Jr.                                                                    Baton Rouge
Audrey Lee Green                                                                   Baton Rouge
Cody P. Hotard                                                                       Lutcher
Elysia J. Howard                                                                     Baker
Jacyntha Aierente Jackson                                                       Baton Rouge
Heidi L. Johnson                                                                     Baton Rouge
Kevin Michael Kaffenberger                                                   Baton Rouge
Sean Francis Krieg                                                                  Baton Rouge
George G. LaCour, III                                                             new roads
Kennedy Kent Ladner                                                             Mandeville
James Jack Martinez                                                                Kenner
Shelby Murphy                                                                       Walker
Cedric D. Noel                                                                        Maringouin
Miriam Nzegwu                                                                      Geismar
Sarah Louise Odom                                                                 Clinton
Breanna Alexus Sharper                                                          Baton Rouge
Madelyn K. Shilling                                                                Greenwell Springs
Austin Blake Taylor                                                                Prairieville
Leonor Fanny Torres                                                               Baton Rouge
Jada Desha Wade                                                                    Baker
Isabella B. Walker                                                                   Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Criminal Justice   
Keisha D. Alexander                                                               Saint Gabriel
Lashona Alexander                                                                  Baton Rouge
Nacotia Teona Anderson                                                         Zachary
Danielle M. Badeaux                                                               Zachary
Devin D. Barnes                                                                      Baton Rouge
Michael R. Blanchard                                                              Denham Springs
Brennan M. Buturla                                                                 Baton Rouge
Monica R. Cortes                                                                    Jarreau
Johnica Mikequil Domino                                                       Baton Rouge
Rakiyyah Donkor                                                                    Baton Rouge
Reginald L. Johnson                                                                Baton Rouge
Jer'Miracle L. Lucas                                                                Zachary
Lorraine N. Mayeux                                                                Denham Springs
Mark Allen Moore                                                                  Baton Rouge
Andrew J. Podorsky                                                               Prairieville
Nierra M. Richard                                                                   Baton Rouge
Kayla Scott                                                                              Baton Rouge
Terrance M. Smith                                                                   Baton Rouge
Bridget Roberts Taylor                                                       Port Allen
Jasmine Thompson                                                                  Vidalia

Certificate of Technical Studies    Accounting   
Yvonda Deon Miller                                                               Baker

Certificate of Technical Studies    Customer Services   
Coliesha L. Coleman                                                               Baton Rouge
Nhu Dao                                                                                  Baton Rouge
Paige McClain                                                                         New Roads

Certificate of Technical Studies    Retail Management   
Drew Alexander                                                                      Baton Rouge
Gloria A. Comeaux                                                                 Baton Rouge
Nhu Dao                                                                                  Baton Rouge
Michael W. Dunbar, Jr.                                                            Baton Rouge
Lanna C. Metz                                                                         Jackson
Melissa Ann Scheve                                                                Baton Rouge

Technical Competency Area    Customer Service   
Lakiesha L. London                                                                 Maringouin

Liberal Arts

AA Louisiana Transfer        Fine Arts
Gregory Cyprian                                                                     Baton Rouge
Lorna K. Klein                                                                        Saint Francisville
Brittany N. Mills                                                                     Prairieville

AA Louisiana Transfer        Humanities
Delisa Treshelle Brown                                                           Baton Rouge
Lacey Jenee Brown                                                                 BATON ROUGE
Mark Christopher DeLee                                                         Zachary
Reagan Elizabeth Frioux                                                          Zachary
John Matthew Jakuback                                                          Baton Rouge
Nona Lea Oldner                                                                     Baton Rouge
Detrick D. Scott                                                                       Baton Rouge
Tya Micah Wicker                                                                   Baton Rouge
Mykia Monique Wilson                                                          Baton Rouge

Associate of Applied Science    Care & Development of Young Children   
Shatonda K. Chandler                                                             Baton Rouge
Angelique Thompson                                                              Maringouin

Associate of Applied Science    Entertainment Technology   
Adrienne J. Burney                                                                 Zachary
Eric Karl Delaune                                                                    Greenwell Springs
Troy S. Gaspard                                                                      Mandeville
D'Anna Therese Geis                                                              Kenner
Jonathan M. Johnson                                                              Gonzales
Aaron J. Kimble                                                                      Addis
Brian Maclean                                                                         Baton Rouge
Hunter Dane McMillan                                                           Loranger
Bram S. Metz                                                                          Baton Rouge
Candace Miles                                                                         Baton Rouge
Ryan Santell Pack                                                                    Port Allen
Eamon Pettigrew                                                                     Baton Rouge
Kirby N. Rose                                                                         Baton Rogue
John Smuck                                                                             Baton Rouge
Tyler T. Tolbert                                                                       Baton Rouge
Bryan Zack Zaunbrecher                                                         Baton Rouge

Associate of Arts    Liberal Arts   
Sheena R. Abarca                                                                    Denham Springs
Takara Lizette Abuwi                                                              Baton Rouge
Emily Reid Beck                                                                      Foley
Lacey Jenee Brown                                                                 Baton Rouge
Coliesha L. Coleman                                                               Baton Rouge
Chakhrishna Lashuntaye Douglas                                           Baton Rouge
Daniel Duodeh                                                                        Baton Rouge
Thea Rebecca Fjerstad                                                             Houston
Melvin Frazier                                                                         Baker
Charlene Nicole Fulton                                                            Baton Rouge
Charles Adam Gregory                                                           Baton Rouge
Deven Hammond                                                                    Port Allen
Beyonka Bruno Heine                                                             Breaux Bridge
Deanna E. Horton                                                                    Baton Rouge
Sumiya Denise Howard                                                          Baton Rouge
Tenesia Rene Howard                                                             Baker
Paris T'Anna Jackson                                                              Baton Rouge
Shawn M. Kimble                                                                   Watson
Caroline E. Kreucher                                                               Baton Rouge
Ward Allen Leavines                                                               Zachary
Alycia M. Montero                                                                  Belle Rose
Maria Christina Ramirez                                                          Zachary
Detrick D. Scott                                                                       Baton Rouge
Caci Smiley                                                                             Port Vincent
Connor Brad Underwood                                                        Baton Rouge
Matthew Steven Walker                                                          Baton Rouge
Alvin Warner                                                                           Baton Rouge

Associate of Arts    Liberal Arts    Global Studies
John F. Dejean                                                                        Baton Rouge
Glen Eric Hill, II                                                                      Baton Rouge
Stephanie Marie Powers                                                          Saint Francisville

Associate of Arts    Liberal Arts    Studio Arts
Briante' Janae Bax                                                                   Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Teaching   
Kaitlin Nicole Boudreaux                                                        Brusly
Kelsey Raye Boudreaux                                                          Livingston
Courtney Leigh Guerin                                                            Ventress
Jamiee Hebert                                                                          Baton Rouge
Ashlyn Cecilia Henderson                                                       Baton Rouge
Jeanina S. Hilario                                                                    Zachary
Blakely Ann McCoy                                                               Bunkie
Hanifah Maryam Muhammad                                                 Baton Rouge
Terrance E. Pullins                                                                  Baton Rouge
Katie Ann Rispone                                                                  Greenwell Springs
Melonie M. Thompson                                                            Baton Rouge
Daniel R. Torres                                                                      Port Allen
Jennifer Lynn Woodard                                                           Zachary

Certificate of Technical Studies    Graphic Arts   
Patsy Fay Rankins                                                                   Baton Rouge
Matthew Steven Walker                                                          Baton Rouge

Technical Competency Area    Printmaking   
Kristen L. Glynn                                                                     Baton Rouge

Technical Diploma    Care & Development of Young Children   
Shatonda K. Chandler                                                             Baton Rouge
Ieasha Hankton                                                                        Baton Rouge
Geartha V. Hawkins                                                                Baton Rouge
Bryanisha S. McClendon                                                        Baker
Brandi Michelle Sims-Jackson                                                Plaquemine

Nursing & Allied Health

Associate of Applied Science    Paramedic   
Mecheaux Voncill'E Elliot                                                       Baton Rouge
Kathryn Marie Kleinpeter                                                        Baker
Robert K. Lemoine                                                                  Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Nursing   
Chassidy Adams                                                                     Prairieville
Tu Ngoc Cap                                                                           Baton Rouge
Paul Edward Creasy                                                                Baton Rouge
Dylan Ramsey Cubbedge                                                        Prairieville
April Darby                                                                             Port Barre
Levi Durham                                                                           Baton Rouge
Katherine B. Himel                                                                  Baton Rouge
Michael Todd Holloway                                                          Baton Rouge
Christian Alfonza Jackson                                                       Baton Rouge
Brittany G. Lewis                                                                    New Orleans
Alan Matthew Maddox                                                           Lake Charles
Hannah C. Miller                                                                     Baton Rouge
Brenda Odom                                                                          Denham Springs
Dannah K. Oubre                                                                    Prairieville
Jamee Marie Park                                                                    Denham Springs
Keondra Chardae Smith                                                          Baton Rouge
Taylor A. Stagg                                                                       Lafayette
Jennifer Leigh Thom                                                               Baton Rouge
Lesley R. Torrence                                                                  Baton Rouge
Rebekah White                                                                        Baton Rouge
Akeya Shawan Williams                                                         Plaquemine
Aubrey Windham                                                                    Baker

Associate of Science    Surgical Technology   
Mary Elizabeth Murray                                                           Lafayette

Certificate of Technical Studies    Medical Assistant   
Angela E. Douglas                                                                  Jackson
Kayla Hall                                                                               Ethel
Amber Chavon Johnson                                                          Centreville
Shawndrecka Joubert                                                              Baker
Jessica I. Mccartney                                                                Centreville
Kaitlyn E. Olinde                                                                     New Roads
Catina Marie Robillard                                                            Jackson
Angel M. Savoy                                                                      Morganza
Sharell Swift                                                                            New Roads

Certificate of Technical Studies    Pharmacy Technician   
Shevawn L. Barber                                                                  Baton Rouge
Dominique Brown                                                                   Baton Rouge

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

AS Louisiana Transfer        Biological Sciences
Adam Jerrome Glover                                                             Monroe
Adam Jerrome Glover                                                             Monroe
James M. Lacey, Jr.                                                                 Baton Rouge
Michaela Scarlet Lachney                                                        Jarreau
Detrick D. Scott                                                                       Baton Rouge
Gloria B. Winans                                                                     Zachary

Associate of Applied Science    Process Technology   
Tyler D. Baggett                                                                      Zachary
Austin Barber                                                                          Denham Springs
Cody L. Gordon                                                                      Shreveport
Christopher R. Higginbotham                                                 Denham Springs
Austin Hite                                                                              Baton Rouge
Traci Michelle Lassere                                                             Convent
Ariel Longcop                                                                         Denham Springs
Elliot Griffin MacLeod-Michael                                              Plaquemine
Lawrence Major                                                                      Baton Rouge
David Mancil, Jr.                                                                     Walker
Jon-Michael C. Noel                                                               Maurepas
Alexander Rakigjija                                                                 Baton Rouge
Matthew Mclendon Rawls                                                      Denham Springs
Steven J. Schesser, Jr.                                                              Denham Springs
Justin J. Smiley                                                                       Greenwell Springs
Austin H. Smith                                                                      Denham Springs
George Wallace Turner, Jr.                                                      Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Computer Science   
Hector Josue Castro                                                                Kenner
Jamal Oliver Griffith                                                               Baton Rouge
Hieu T. Mai                                                                             Baton Rouge
Tri C. Nguyen                                                                         Morgan City
Blake William Overton                                                            Baton Rouge
Martin James Shepherd                                                           Plaquemine
Thien Ba Tran                                                                          Baton Rouge
Steven Earle Ward                                                                   Baton Rouge
Jerome A. Wilson                                                                    Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    General Science    Natural Sciences
Ansu Andrews                                                                        Baton Rouge
Lucas Jaye Bankston                                                               Baton Rouge
Joshua Michael Borchers                                                        Chalmette
Ashton Hannah Camper                                                          Livonia
Dustin Wade Cutrer                                                                 Baton Rouge
Ana Lucia Escobar                                                                  Baton Rouge
Kendall Kaye Gallagher                                                          Plaquemine
Joseph Goudeau, IV                                                                Baker
Kayla Harris                                                                            Baton Rouge
Kyle Joseph Hoffpauir                                                            Baton Rouge
Broc Zachary Kelleher                                                             Sunshine
Joseph Timothy King, Jr.                                                         Denham Springs
Justis Lee                                                                                 Baton Rouge
Michael Lawrence Mier                                                           Baker
Gabrielle Angelique Perry                                                       Covington
Rachel Marie Porter                                                                 Baton Rouge
Ori L. Roussel                                                                         Baton Rouge
Megan Elizabeth Roussell                                                       Plaquemine
Melissa Diane Smith                                                               Baton Rouge
David R. Stanford                                                                   New Orleans
Casiano Servaz Tubana, III                                                      Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Biological Engineering
Cleveland Douglas, III                                                             Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Chemical Engineering
Kha Nhat Huynh                                                                     Baton Rouge
Anh Thuy Tram Nguyen                                                         Baton Rouge
Trang Hien Pham                                                                    Denham Springs

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Civil Engineering
Lacey Jessica Melancon                                                          Pride
Chau Tiffany Vo                                                                     Baton Rouge

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mason Scott Crabtree                                                              New Roads

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Mechanical Engineering
Junelle Raboy Eroja                                                                 Baton Rouge
Gabriel Alejandro Huggins                                                     Baton Rouge
Kelli Brianna Koenig                                                               Zachary
Holland Lee Padgham                                                             Baton Rouge
Huyen Ngoc Pham                                                                  Baton Rouge
Dillon Henry Soniat                                                                Addis

Associate of Science    Pre-Engineering    Petroleum Engineering
Miracle Folorunsho                                                                 Baton Rouge
Nerivaldo Tedoro Eurico Jamba                                              Baton Rouge
Elias Mouin Yazbeck                                                              Baton Rouge

Certificate of Technical Studies    Computer Network Engineer   
Benjamin John Tremie                                                             Baton Rouge

Technical Diploma    Graphics   
Maia Magee Green                                                                  Baton Rouge
Stanley Ray Williams, Jr.                                                         Baton Rouge

Technical Education

Associate of Applied Science    Drafting & Design Technology   
Mandeep S. Randhawa                                                            Baton Rouge

Associate of Applied Science    Technical Studies   
Lacey Leigh Little                                                                    Baton Rouge
Stephanie R. Ross                                                                   Baton Rouge
Jordan Dale Wilkins                                                                Greenwell Springs

Technical Diploma    A/C & Refrigeration: Residential Technician   
Grant T. Methvin                                                                     Zachary
Odigwe Maijeh Mokogwu                                                      Baton Rouge
Gerald Perkins, Sr.                                                                   Baton Rouge

Technical Diploma    Culinary Arts & Occupations   
Levie Elaine Trillana Boo                                                        Walker
Myra Brionne Bryant                                                              Baton Rouge
Makenzie Charron Bunn                                                         Baton Rouge
Kathryn R. Caine                                                                     Baton Rouge
Deashley Marshae Dotson                                                      Baton Rouge
Jonathan L. Guidroz                                                                New Roads
Melodie Denise Hull                                                               Slidell
Willie Lee Jackson, Jr.                                                             Baton Rouge
Aaron Demetruis McPipe                                                        Zachary
Caijah Theresa Milan                                                               Gonzales
Tara Mitchell                                                                           Baton Rouge
Cuong Duy Nguyen                                                                Denham Springs
Lenetra S. Noflin                                                                     Jackson
Thy Hoai Pham                                                                       Baton Rouge
Brittany Tyree Turner                                                              Baton Rouge
Charissa T. Williams                                                               Baton Rouge
Latoya M. Williams                                                                 Baton Rouge

Technical Diploma    Drafting & Design Technician   
Yojaira Lissette Rodriguez Noto                                             Denham Springs

Technical Diploma    Welding   
Kaitlyn Angelle Burdeaux                                                       Walker
Terrience V. Delaney                                                               Baton Rouge
Tiara Dashe Gardner                                                               New Roads
Damien T. Green                                                                     Baton Rouge
Jacob Michael Gregoire                                                           Zachary
Joseph A. Hudson, Jr.                                                             Baton Rouge
Keyon Johnson                                                                       Woodville
Cory Wayne Latham                                                                Port Allen
Joshua Alexander Montgomery                                              Innis
Liviana Chella Nelson                                                             Baton Rouge
Austin M. Taylor                                                                     Baker

Transportation Technology

Associate of Applied Science    Aviation Maintenance Technology   
Trevor Glenn Farwell                                                              Tawas City
James Lee King                                                                       Baton Rouge

Certificate of Technical Studies    Aviation Maintenance Technology: Airframe   
John D. Beaman                                                                      Baton Rouge
Bryce J. Cornwell                                                                    Amite
Alexander Garcia                                                                     Baton Rouge
Matthew A. Jones                                                                   Holden
Joseph Matthew Richard, Jr.                                                    Jena