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BRCC: In The Clear

College Recycling Program

BRCC has partnered with Progressive Waste Solutions to launch a recycling initiative that is scheduled to begin this October. BRCC is moving to “green” its campuses, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

The initiative will begin with a pilot program that will incorporate the Bienvenue Student Center and the Magnolia Performing Arts Pavilion, two high traffic buildings located on the Mid City Campus. The college has adopted the motto “BRCC: In the Clear,” which refers to the clear bags that will be used in waste bins designated for recycling. Traditional trash bins will will be identified with dark bags.

BRCC tours recycling center.

BRCC Chancellor Dr. Dennis Michaelis, BRCC Student Government Association (SGA) President Cameron Salazar, and Biology Professor Dr. Sandra Guzman recently toured the recycling facility of Progessive Waste Solutions to understand how recyclable materials from the college will be processed.

Dr. Guzman has championed the college’s sustainability efforts for the past several years. She is excited about this new initiative.

“This is the first step along the road to the building of a robust and inclusive program that will provide realistic recycling goals for the college,” said Guzman.  “As the the recycling initiative develops into a more broad and structured program, we hope to see other sustainable green practices like water and energy conservation become part of the BRCC culture.”

SGA President Salazar knows first hand about the importance of conserving energy.

"Caring for our environment is a passion for many college students," said Salazar, who is also a member of the BRCC’s Men’s Basketball Team. "If you don't plan ahead and you don't manage your energy output well, it will come back to haunt you in the 4th quarter," he said. "We want to get our campus used to recycling while it is still early in the game."

By November, the recycling program will be implemented campus-wide at Mid City, with the hope of expanding the program to all BRCC locations by 2016. For additional information about how you can keep BRCC “In The Clear”, you can contact Dr. Guzman at or (225) 216-8213.