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Web Time Sheet Quick Guide

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  • See pay schedule on HR website.
  • Always click Save after entering hours, comments or making changes.
  • Submit time sheets on or before input deadline.
  • Contact your approver if you need to make any changes after you have clicked the Submit button.
  • Remind your approver to approve your time sheet.
  • For help contact Payroll Office at (225) 216-8064.

Begin Web Time Sheet

  • Logon to Banner and enter your ID and PIN.
  • Click the Employee tab.
  • Click the Time Sheet link.
  • Click the Time Sheet button.
  • From the pay period drop down list, select the current pay period.
  • Click the time sheet button.

Entering Hours

  • Click on Enter Hours under the date worked and in the row for appropriate earning code.
  • Students can only enter Regular hours.
  • Full-time employees only enter exception time.
  • Do not change the number in the shift box.
  • Click Save button.
  • Use copy button if you work the same hours and copy to one or more days.

Changing Hours

If you have not submitted your hours you can change hours anytime before the end of the pay period:

  • Click on the hours under the date you want to change.
  • Change the hours for the date
  • Click the Save button.

Entering Comments

You can enter comments on your time sheet to explain changes.  Your supervisor will see these comments and may also enter comments for you to view or for the Payroll Staff.  Click the Comments button on the Time Sheet page.

  • Enter your comments.
  • Click the Save button.

Submitting Time Sheet

The last step after you have entered all hours for the pay period is to submit your time sheet for approval. Failure to submit your time sheet will result in no pay for the pay period.

  • Click the Submit for Approval button
  • Enter your PIN on the Certification Statement page.  This is your last opportunity to go back and change any hours.
  • Click the Submit button.

Remember to close your web browser when you have completed your timesheet.