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The Faculty Grievance Committee shall have the authority:

1. to hear all complaints of faculty members relating to salary, promotion, non-reappointment, tenure, and allegations of other unfair treatment. Any allegation of unfair treatment can bec ome a grievance, but the Grievance Committee cannot substitute its judgment for an academic judgment made in a fair and reasonable manner, according to College evaluative procedures. It may determine, however, that such an academic judgment has been unfairly made or hopelessly corrupted by bad practices or procedures and is, therefore, invalid. The committee shall not hear appeals arising from the dismissal for cause of a tenured faculty member, after due process as outlined published BRCC policy statements.

2. to decide whether or not the facts of a faculty petition merit a detailed investigation;

3. to conduct an investigation when it appears to be warranted;

4. to seek to bring about a settlement, if this appears to be possible;

5. to report its findings and recommendations, if the case is found to have merit, but a settlement cannot be effected. Copies of these findings will be sent to all parties involved in the investigation, and in a case, which requires administrative assistance, copies will be sent to the BRCC administration and to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. If the findings indicate that the grievance complaint is not justified, the committee's findings shall only be communicated to the petitioner where the grievance has gone no further than to the committee. Where the case has gone further than to the committee, the committee's findings shall be communicated to the petitioner and to all levels of administration which have been involved in the case;

6. to keep confidential all grievances and findings of the committee relative to grievance petitions.