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Travel Expense Reimbursement

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Travel Expense Reimbursement

All travelers seeking reimbursement must submit a Travel Expense Account form to OAF within 30 days of their return.

In order to help produce a more accurate Travel Expense Account Form, please review the Travel Expense Account Form Instructions.  Reducing the number of overlooked items and required revisions will help achieve a faster processing time of your request.

All original receipts must be attached when the document is submitted.

It is recommended that all travelers with an approved Blanket Authorization to Travel should submit a Travel Expense Account Form on a monthly basis.

Please allow seven to fourteen business days from the date of submittal for processing.

All reimbursement checks will be available at the Bursar’s Window in the Office of Accounting and Finance, upon email notification, along with a copy of the audited Travel Expense Account Form. If a direct deposit option is available, the funds will be deposited into the designated banking account, the employee will receive an email notification of transfer of funds and a copy of the audited Travel Expense Account Form will be mailed to the address on file.  The emails will serve as the only notification.

Due to year-end closeout procedures, a specific date will be established during the last quarter of the fiscal year.  All Travel Expense Account Forms received after the designated date will not be subject to reimbursement.