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Travelers are eligible to receive reimbursement for travel only when away from “official domicile” or temporary assignment unless exception is granted in accordance with these regulations. Temporary assignment will be deemed to have ceased after a period of thirty-one calendar days, and after such period the place of assignment will be deemed to be his/her official domicile.  He/she shall not be allowed travel and subsistence unless permission to extend the thirty-one day period has been previously secured from the Commissioner of Administration.

Receipts are not required for routine meals within the per diem allowances.

Meals are not eligible for reimbursement on single day travel.  Reimbursement for meals are to be reported on the Travel Expense Account Form by date and type of meal (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner).   Partial meals such as continental breakfasts or airline meals are not considered meals. Meal per diem may not be claimed if a meal is provided at a hosted function such as meals included in the conference registration fee.
Reimbursement for alcohol is prohibited.
Travelers may be reimbursed (including tax and tips) up to the following amounts for meals.

Refer to PPM49 for additional information.


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