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Travellers are eligible to receive reimbursement for travel only when away from “official domicile” or temporary assignment unless exception is granted in accordance with these regulations. Temporary assignment will be deemed to have ceased after a period of thirty-one calendar days, and after such period the place of assignment will be deemed to be his/her official domicile.  He/she shall not be allowed travel and subsistence unless permission to extend the thirty-one day period has been previously secured from the Commissioner of Administration.

Reimbursement for lodging (plus tax) is to be reported on the Travel Expense Account Form according to the date in which the expense occurred.  Original receipts are required.  It is expected that reservations be made in advance whenever possible.  Many hotels and motels grant commercial rates upon request to State employees who show identification.

In the event that the original receipt can not be provided, a faxed copy from the vendor is acceptable.  However, it should be noted on the receipt and signed by the traveller that “Due to …… the original receipt is unavailable.  Please accept this copy as an original.”

A traveller may exceed the appropriate lodging rate by no more than fifty percent, if prior approval from the Chancellor was granted.  Special approval is made on a case-by-case basis.  Each case must be fully documented as the necessity and cost effectiveness of alternative options in the designated area on the Authorization to Travel Form.

When a room is shared with another college employee on travel status, the State will reimburse the actual cost of the room; subject to maximum amount allowed for an individual traveler times the number of employees. The Travel Expense Account Form must show the name or names of the employees with whom the room is shared.  The simplest method would be for each employee to ask for a separate bill for his/her share of the room cost.

Travelers may be reimbursed expenses for conference hotel lodging, if the hotel will be hosting or is in “conjunction with hosting” the meeting/conference.  When reservations are not available at the actual conference hotel and multiple hotels are offered in conjunction with a conference, the traveler shall seek prices and utilize the least expensive.  In the event that all conference hotels are unavailable, then the traveler is subject to making reservations within the hotel rates as allowed for routine travel.

Refer to PPM49 for additional information.