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The most cost effective method of transportation that will accomplish the purpose of the travel shall be selected. Among the factors to be considered should be the length of travel time, employee’s salary, cost of operation of a vehicle, cost and availability of common carrier services, etc.
Employees sharing a ride with another state employee using either a state, personal or rented vehicle, should be documented on the Travel Expense Account Form of each employee. Also, if a state owned vehicle is used that should be noted as well.
Original receipts are required for all expenses pertaining to transportation which includes, but is not limited to, Car Rental and a gasoline purchases while using a state owned vehicle. A faxed or emailed copy of the Short’s Travel Ticket Receipt is acceptable. A copy of credit card statements is unacceptable.

All commercial airfare tickets must be purchased from the state contracted travel agency, Short’s Travel. This requirement is mandatory unless approval is granted from the Division of Administration State Travel Office. While the use of the contract travel agency is mandatory, purchase of state contract airfares is not mandatory.

Reimbursement of mileage will be done from the travellers’ official domicile area of travel based on the most direct route.  Mileage shall be reimbursable on the basis of $0.51 per mile per the following:

  1. Employee should utilize a state vehicle when available.  A non-availability slip should be attached.
  2. Employee may rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s State motor pool rental contract, if state vehicle is not available and travel exceed 100 miles; or
  3. If an employee elects to use his/her personal vehicle, reimbursement may not exceed a maximum of 99 miles per round trip and/or day at $0.51 cents per mile.

Rental Cars
Written approval from the Chancellor or his/her designee prior to departure is required

In-State Vehicle Rental: The State has contracted with Enterprise Rent-A- Car for the State Motor Pool Rental Contract which use is mandatory

Out-of-State Vehicle Rental: The State has contracted rental vehicles for domestic, out-of-state travel, excluding Louisiana and international travel. It is the traveler’s discretion which rental company is utilized. Pricing include CDW/million dollar liability insurance.

Refer to PPM49 for additional information.