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While BRCC sets the internal procedures for travel requests and reimbursements, the State legally mandates appropriate travel expenditures and guidelines per PPM 49, The Louisiana State Travel Guidelines. BRCC travel is subject to all rules and regulation established in the State of Louisiana Travel Guide. The state travel guidelines should be reviewed prior to travel. It is the traveler’s responsibility to thoroughly review them before making any travel arrangement to ensure compliance and for proper reimbursements. Any expenses incurred by travelers outside of established guidelines will not be reimbursed by BRCC.


Steps for Initiating and Completing Travel

1. Familiarize yourself with the State Travel Guide and the Baton Rouge Community College Travel Guide.
2. Complete an Authorization to Travel Form.
3. Go on your trip

a. Take a copy of the pocket guide with you.
b. Retain all applicable original receipts.

4. Upon return, complete a Travel Expense Account Form. 
5. After the audit of your Travel Expense Account Form, either an expense check will be disbursed or a refund is made to the College.