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The Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering degree program allows students to transfer to engineering programs offered by a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.  The program offers suggested academic pathways for nine engineering disciplines including Chemical Engineering, which studies the technology of chemical production and the manufacturing of products through chemical processes.


To receive this degree, the student must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better in all credit hours that are to be used towards the degree.
  • Earn a “C” or better in approved electives, ENGL 101 and 102, and in courses that are prerequisites for other courses.
  • Take at least 12 hours at 200 level.
  • Earn 12 of the final 15 credit hours at BRCC.
  • Complete the coursework listed below.






First Semester                                                                                  Credit Hours

ENGL 101             English Composition I                                                    3

CHEM 101            Chemistry I for Science Majors                                  3

CHEM 101L          Chemistry I Lab                                                                 1

MATH 210            Calculus I                                                                             5

Gen-Ed. Fine Arts Elective                                                                           3



Second Semester                                                                            Credit Hours

ENGL 102             English Composition II                                                  3

CHEM 102            Chemistry II for Science Majors                                                 3

CHEM 102L          Chemistry II Lab                                                               1

MATH 211            Calculus II                                                                           5

PHYS 110              Introduction to Physics                                                 3



Third Semester                                                                                 Credit Hours

CHEM 220            Organic Chemistry I                                                        3

CHEM 220L          Organic Chemistry I Lab                                                1

ECON 2032 Economic Principles                                                       3

PHYS 210              Physics I for Technical Students                                                3

Gen-Ed. Humanities Elective                                                                      3

Gen-Ed. Humanities Elective                                                                      3



Fourth Semester                                                                              Credit Hours

CHEM 221            Organic Chemistry II                                                       3

CHEM 221L          Organic Chemistry II Lab                                              1

PHYS 211              Physics II for Technical Students                                               3

BIOL 120               Biology I for Science Majors                                        3

Gen-Ed. Social Science Elective                                                                 3

Gen-Ed. Humanities Elective                                                                      3



Total Program Hours                                                      62



1The specific courses outlined are required as part of an articulation agreement with Louisiana State University College of Engineering.


2ECON 203 may not be used with ECON 201 or ECON 202.



For more information, contact the Division of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

at (225) 216-8226.