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Dates, times and locations for the EMSE information sessions:

  • Thursday     October 2nd    EBR-EMS HQ   3:00 pm
  • Monday     October 13th    EBR-EMS HQ    9:00 am
  • Tuesday     October 28th    BRCC Frazier    10:00am
  • Thursday     November 6th    EBR-EMS HQ    3:00pm
  • Tuesday       November 18th    BRCC Frazier    9:00 am
  • Tuesday     December 2nd    EBR-EMS HQ    3:00pm


EBR-EMS Location: 3801 Harding Blvd Baton Rouge, La 70805

BRCC Frazier: 555 Julia St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802