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Transfer DegreeWhat is the Transfer Associate Degree?
The Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree is a two-year portable academic credential that awards junior standing in any Louisiana public university.  Advising and planning are key to your success.  It is your responsibility to choose the courses that will best prepare you for a specific college and major, and to complete your baccalaureate in a timely manner.



We are currently updating our posted information regarding the options for the Louisiana Transfer Degree.  Please check back soon to review the most current information.  If you have immediate questions regarding the Louisiana Transfer Degree, please contact your Advisor.

-Updated 5/17/13


What is the background of the Transfer Degree Guarantee?  How did it originate?
In 1995 the Louisiana Board of Regents established the Statewide Articulation Committee.  The first Statewide Articulation Matrix was created in 1997, which showed how courses transferred between post-secondary institutions.  Since that time, the Matrix grew from 25 courses to more than 200, but more work was needed to help students maximize their college and university experiences.

In 2009, Louisiana Senator Ben Nevers sponsored legislation that became Act 356.  The legislation resulted in the development of a statewide transfer associate degree.  The new law set in motion unprecedented cooperation between faculties and institutions to eliminate barriers that prevent students from successfully transferring between and among secondary and postsecondary institutions.

What does the Louisiana Transfer Degree guarantee?

  • Completion of General Education Block requirements at any Louisiana public university;
  • Junior-level standing, with all of the rights and privileges that come with it;
  • Equal opportunity to compete with ‘native’ students already enrolled at the institution for admission to limited access programs.

What doesn’t the Louisiana Transfer Degree guarantee?

  • Admission to every university or degree program:  you must meet university-specific or degree specific admission requirements (e.g. grade point average);
  • That the courses taken for the transfer degree will meet specified course requirements of the major;  Consult the curriculum track posted on this website and links for additional information or consult an advisor or the Transfer Coordinator at your prospective university, to make sure.

How does the degree work?
The Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree consists of 39-hour General Education (GenEd) block and 21-hours of additional course work.  Students who enter a four-year public university with this degree in hand will have met the institution’s general education requirements and will earn upper division (junior) status, with all of its accompanying rights and privileges.  This guarantee only applies if you have completed the AA/LT or AS/LT degree with a grade of “C” or better in each class.

What kinds of courses are required for the remaining 21-hours of additional course work?
It depends on your expected major at the university.  With the help of your community college advisor or transfer coordinator at the university, you will select classes from the following areas:  humanities, mathematics, natural sciences (biological and/or physical), social sciences, and/or fine arts.


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