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No Electives in Teacher Education
            It is very important that you see an education advisor to prevent loss of college credits as you transfer to your four-year institution. Since the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, colleges of education in Louisiana have all undergone a process known as redesign. As a result, all colleges designed different programs, and secondary education certifications were combined with the appropriate content areas within the university. Please be pro-active by consulting the catalog of the transfer institution of your choice as well as the BRCC crosswalk on the website.

Scholarship Opportunities
            The financial aid office in the Bienvenue Student Center can direct you to scholarship and grant availability for students who need financial assistance. However, several teacher organizations provide scholarships. Go to the following websites for information: National Association of Community Colleges Teacher Education Program,American Association of Colleges of Teacher EducationAmerican Association of Community Colleges, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Job Opportunities
            Throughout the year various employers contact BRCC about certain job opportunities. At those times we send out the announcement through our teacher education distribution list. Please be sure your contact information remains current with your teacher education advisor.

Declaring Your Major
            If you have not indicated to BRCC on your original application form that you are a teacher education major, please go to Enrollment Services and fill out a change form so that you will be directed to the appropriate advisor.

Exit/Entrance Interview Schedules
            Students applying for graduation must participate in a combination exit interview with BRCC and entrance interview with the transfer institution of their choice. Be sure to consult the calendar at the BRCC Future Educators Club for dates and times.

            This website contains a wealth of information about teacher education. At the current time only Delgado and Nunez are listed. However, BRCC and two other community colleges will soon join the consortium. Watch for information about BRCC.

            BRCC asks all education majors to see their education advisor twice each semester. The first time should be the third week of the semester. Current information can be obtained to keep students apprised of all program news as well as to offer individual assistance. Naturally, students should contact their education advisor during the BRCC regular advising period for registration.

Professional Development Activities
            A teacher is a reflective professional who constantly seeks opportunities for growth in his/her field. BRCC and its three feeder schools offer various sessions and workshops for students’ professional growth. Watch the calendar of the BRCC Future Educators Club for dates and times.

The Care and Development of Young Children (CDYC)
            Students who are interested in working with children aged birth to four years but not with obtaining teacher certification for the public schools should contact an education advisor for the most up-to-date information about the community colleges’ statewide program to address this area. Courses, certifications, technical diplomas, and associate degrees are being developed to meet the Quality Rating System (QRS) training components for daycare facilities.