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Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) offers a variety of resources to the students in order to aid them in achieving their academic goals. Listed below are some invaluable tools for the student:

Teacher Web Resources

This document contains a wealth of web resources for the teacher, such as links for lessons and activities in different subject areas, as well as Louisiana resource links and useful search engines to use with students. This document is a great resource for any type of teacher.


The Praxis Series™ Assessments provide educational tests and other services that states use as part of their teaching and licensing certification process. The Praxis I® tests measure basic academic skills; The Praxis II® tests measure general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills.

This page will provide useful information on PRAXIS score requirements for Louisiana Teacher Licensure, as well as information on the resources the BRCC Academic Learning Center offers. Study Guides for the PRAXIS tests can also be accessed from this page.


PASS-PORT K-12 is a web-based performance assessment system for documenting the knowledge and skill of new teachers mentored by the Louisiana Department of Education through the Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program (TAAP). In Louisiana, PASS-PORT K-12 is a key component in a larger strategy to utilize information technology and Internet technologies to enhance learning.

Here at BRCC it is important in the first years to save any projects, observations, lesson plans, your resume’, your philosophy of education, pictures working with children, and other documentation to place in your electronic portfolio. These artifacts will prove your competency as a classroom teacher. Think of PASS-PORT as an electronic 3-ring binder. To assist you with this preparation, we have a digital camera and scanner for your use. We recommend saving your artifacts on a jump drive until you enter TEAC 201. When you are enrolled in TEAC 201 and 203, you will use PASS-PORT and formally place your artifacts in that portfolio. This portfolio will follow you to your four-year institution and then through your first three years of teaching.

General Study Aids

This page houses a variety of study aids for organizing and presenting data, as well as useful study skill tips.


INTASC stands for Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium. These standards exemplify the characteristics that all teachers should have from the beginning of teaching as well as throughout their careers.