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Baton Rouge Community College maintains formal partnerships with seven community agencies. Each agency receives training prior to being made an offical partner so that they understand their role in the service learning cycle of activity. Baton Rouge Community College also hosts an annual Community Partner Orientation workshop in the spring and conducts targeted recruitment drives in the summer and fall.
Presently, Baton Rouge Community College is presently engaged with establishing community partnerships
in the following categories:
Environmental/Science         Adult Education/Literacy         Children/Schools/Tutoring
Community Improvement      Museum Support                    Senior Care
Community Education          Homelessness/Hunger            Tax Preparation
Our current and prospective partners for the 2010-2011 academic year include the following organizations:
African American History Museum**
Catholic Charities
Hispanic Apostolate of the Diocese of BR
Istrouma High School**
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
Prescott Middle School
South Boulevard Elementary School FLAIM**
Williamsburg Residences**
Department of Environmental Services @ BRCC
Youth Oasis
Republican and Democratic National Committees
Boys and Girls
Baton Rouge Literacy Coalition
Girls Scouts of America
Baton Rouge Hospice


**Note: Certain projects, those dealing with children and seniors, require legal agreements that must be finalization before service projects can be initiated. Other projects, like campus recycling, do not require special agreements before activation. Please contact the Service Learning Office for more information.