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The Division of Math, Science and Technology faculty formed an Advisory Committee in 2005 with representatives from industry and state agencies. The committee was charged with advising the division on workforce skills and competencies, jobs, curriculum and program development, internships, and other areas related to economic development.

Since that time the Advisory Committee (now Board) has met once or twice a year to direct the division in development and implementation of the industry-driven AAS in Applied Science.


Subcommittees also meet to plan specific activities such as the annual Environmental and Engineering Career Expo. Part-time faculty from industry and state agencies teach specialized courses in the program and student internships at various governmental agencies and private companies will begin in January 2010.


The Division of Math, Science and Technology wants to work with more companies and governmental agencies in providing highly skilled technicians. If your company or agency is interested in working with us as we educate technicians for the workforce and for economic development contact Dr. Jo Dale Ales @  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information.