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How to request a specific accommodation:
  • Request a copy of your semester accommodation request form, on the form write down each of your classes as well as the specific accommodation necessary for the class.
  • Inform an advisor in ods that you would like to request an accommodation.
How to utilize the accommodation known as “extended testing time”
  • At the test proctoring sign-in notebook, sign your name on the page displaying the date and time that you would like to take your test. in the sign-in book, please indicate if you will need a reader or a scribe during testing.
  • Pick up a green “test proctoring agreement form” and fill out the top portion of the form. at least three days before the test, hand the green “test proctoring agreement form” to your instructor.
  • On the day of testing, sign-in at the testing sign-in sheet before coming to disability services.
  • After completing your test, sign out.