Student's Responsibilities Print E-mail
The Law upholds student/educational rights; however students are also entrusted with specific responsibilities. Any abuse of services provided by ODS will lead to a cancellation of accommodations. An example of the correct way to use ODS services, is to request a needed academic accommodation, and as it is delivered-use the accommodation to promote one’s educational success. An abuse of accommodations includes requesting services but failing to use them.
No-Show Policy
If communication facilitation (CF) services have been requested, and you know that you will be unable to attend class, you should provide Disability Services with at least 24 hours advance notice so that CFs can be informed. In some situations, students may not be able to provide 24 hours notice, however, any advance notice is considered sufficient. Failure to provide ANY ADVANCE notice is considered a no-Show.
In order to give advance notice you can:
  • Call the office at (225) 216-8 and leave a TDD message.
  • Contact the Disability Services at (225) 216-8643 and speak either in person or leave a message.
  • Contact Office of Enrollment Services at (225) 216-8700.
Failure to provide notice will result in services being automatically suspended and a letter sent to the student informing the student of the policy and appropriate procedures. Services will remain suspended until the student makes an appointment with the Counselor for Disability Services to reinstate accommodations.
Section 504 states that any information regarding a person’s disability gained from medical examinations to the appropriate post-admission investigation shall be considered confidential and shall be shared with others within the college or university on a need-to-know basis. In other words, faculty members do not need to have access to information regarding a student’s disability, only the needed accommodations that are appropriate and necessary to meet the student’s needs. Students should feel free to self-disclose if they feel that it will aid their Professor with accommodations and instruction.