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Accommodations Administered By The Office of Disability Services (ODS) under The Americans With Disabilities Act:
  1. Students who choose to receive accommodations through the Disability Services must provide documentation to ODS and meet with a disability advisor to discuss their accommodation needs. This is an essential step in acquiring academic accommodations.

    Students may request an academic accommodation, but the college is not required to provide the specific accommodation requested if another accommodation is reasonable. A student is required to submit documentation of disability at the initial application for services. Documentation must specifically support the need for any accommodations requested. No accommodations will be given without appropriate documentation. If another evaluation is obtained after the initial intake or the disability has changed in some way, specifically worsened and limitations have increased, further documentation must be presented to ODS.

    All accommodations are decided on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change if disability-based needs change. Disability Services is not responsible for reevaluation expenses.
  2. At the beginning of each subsequent semester, students must complete a Semester Accommodation Request Form. Students will receive Accommodation Letters based on information received taken from documentation produced by the student. After filling out their Semester Accommodation Request Form, students may request their Accommodation Letters by emailing an Advisor in Disability Services. Students are responsible for distributing their accommodation letters to their professors. ODS will not mail letters to professors.
  3. Specialized services such as a reader, note taker, interpreter etc. should be indicated on the Semester Accommodation Request Form.
  4. For each subsequent semester it is always best to request accommodations at the beginning of the semester. No accommodation letters will be given out the last week of classes or final exam week, unless it is requested by the professor. The professor must legally give the student a reasonable accommodation, only if the professor receives the letter in a reasonable amount of time before the test. This is typically three (3) days advance notice.