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Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation has several educational assistance programs for disabled persons designed to equalize employment opportunities for those persons who, because of accident, disease or congenital deformity, have an impairment that constitutes a barrier to employment or preparation for it. For detailed information concerning these programs, contact the Office of Rehabilitation Services, 3651 Cedarcrest Avenue, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Private Loans

Private loans are an option for students (and their parents) who do not show financial aid eligibility for other types of financial aid, or who need additional funds to meet educational expenses.  Most private alternative loans require a credit check.

Many of these alternative loan programs also look at what financial aid you are already receiving for that particular period. Other financial aid assistance is deducted from the cost of attendance (as determined by the institution) before aid eligibility is determined for other programs.  The following link includes the names and contact information of lenders frequently used by students.

NOTE: Our office does NOT endorse any particular lender. You should request current information directly from the lender or company offering the program.

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