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Instructions for Contracts, MOUs, & CEAs

Here you will find instructions for preparing Professional, Personal, Consulting, and Social Services contracts; MOUs; and Cooperative Endeavor Agreements (CEAs).

If you are not sure whether a service must be executed through a contract or a purchase requisition, please contact Hilary Stephenson in Purchasing at 216-8439.

Preparing a Contractpen & contract


Request the following documents from the contractor. Documents will vary depending on whether the contractor is an individual (not a business entity) or a business entity (LLC, corporation, etc.).


Download the Contract Template (Consulting, Professional, Personal, or Social Services).  Different Contract Templates are used for different types of services provided by contractors. The Contract Template titled “Contract Template (Consulting, Professional, Personal, or Social Services)” is the standard template that is most commonly used. 

Complete the following highlighted sections in the contract template:

Remove the highlights after editing each section. Do not modify any language in the document that is not highlighted.



Use the Contract Transmittal Form as a checklist to ensure you include all the required documents with the contract. The Contract Transmittal Form is an excel file with two tabs (one tab is the form and the other tab contains instructions on how to complete the form). Complete the following standard documents for each contract:



Once the contract packet is completed in its entirety and all documents are ready to be signed, print all documents for the packet. Next, sign and date all documents as the Contract Requestor (sign the Transmittal, Requisition, Contract, Certification Letter, and Cost Benefit Analysis). Then, route the entire packet to the Department Head to review, approve, and sign (sign the Requisition & Contract). After the Department Head approves, route the entire contract packet to Hilary Stephenson in the Purchasing Department for review and processing. The contract will then be routed to the appropriate Vice Chancellors for final approval.


Based on the contract dollar amount, the completed contract packet must be submitted to Hilary Stephenson by the following timelines in order to obtain all required approvals and ensure services can begin on the desired start date:

Once the contract receives final approval from the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, it then must be signed by the contractor. You can have the contractor come on campus to sign (if they’re local) or the contract can be shipped to them via FedEx. The FedEx shipping fees will be charged to the budget codes listed on the contract requisition form.

After services are rendered, the contractor must send you an invoice requesting payment in accordance with the payment terms of the contract. You must verify that the invoice is billing us in accordance with the contract payment terms (description of services, payment amount, dates of service, etc.). If the contractor does not have a business invoice, you may provide this Sample Invoice to the contractor, if needed.

After all services are rendered and the final payment is authorized (usually at the end of the contract term), complete the Performance Evaluation and route it to Hilary Stephenson in the Purchasing Department via interoffice mail (evaluation must be dated and submitted no more than 14 days after the contract end date).

If you have any questions relating to the contract process, please email Hilary Stephenson in Purchasing or call at 216-8439.