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Supplemental Instruction Program

What is SI?
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses.  SI is open to all students who want to gain a better understanding of course material, helping “A” students keep their A’s and struggling students improve their grade.  Each session is facilitated by an SI leader, and attendance is completely voluntary and free of charge.  Regular attendance provides the students with more elective study strategies that can be applied beyond the desired course.

What’s in it for me?
Students are given the opportunity to study with their peers and classmates.  This collaborative effort is proven to be effective for test preparation.
In SI, students have chance to:

Compare notes with classmates
Discuss important concepts
Develop study strategies
Test themselves before the professor does.

When do SI review sessions start?
In the first week  of the semester, you will fill out a short survey to let the SI leader know your availability.  Each SI leader will set up three or more review sessions a week at times that are best for the majority of the students.  You will be informed via email regarding the review session times and  locations.  SI review sessions are informal.  Don’t forget to bring your notes, textbooks, and most importantly , any questions.

Who are SI Leaders?
SI Leaders are students who have already taken your historically difficult courses and passed with flying colors.  These students will attend your course’s weekly class periods, taking lecture notes just as you do.  When you attend their SI session, it is the SI Leader’s duty to guide you through the content covered in class and give guidance on how to effectively study the same  content.  However, the SI Leader does not simply lecture the content back like an instructor might, rather they help students break down the information gained through lecture and the textbook to provide a perspective that is easier to digest and thus leads towards efficient study habits.