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Coastal Environmental Science

Associate of Science in General Science with a Coastal Environmental Science Concentration

The Coastal Environmental Science Concentration in General Science grants BRCC students the opportunity to transfer to coastal environmental science programs offered by baccalaureate degree granting institutions. This concentration provides students with the foundation for further study of complex coastal environmental issues involving marine, coastal, and estuarine environments with special emphasis on coastal Louisiana.

To maximize possible transfer of courses to senior institutions, students should select a college/university as soon as possible and obtain a catalog from that institution. Students planning to transfer should discuss their plans with an advisor at BRCC and at the receiving institution to ensure maximum portability of credit hours. Students can also access the Board of Regents master course articulation matrix online ( to determine which courses are accepted between Louisiana institutions of higher education.

To receive this degree, the student must:

For more information contact the Division of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at (225) 216-8226.