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Biological Sciences

Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree Track in Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences Track in General Science provides students with the foundational knowledge required to continue their education in pursuit of a four-year degree in the biological/life sciences fields. The curriculum is part of the Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree program (AS/LT).

Completion of a Louisiana Transfer degree guarantees that the student has met, in full, all lower division general education requirements for all receiving Louisiana public universities. Graduates who transfer with a Louisiana Transfer degree will be assigned junior status at the receiving institution. Note that course and GPA requirements for specific majors, departments, and schools must be met independently and should be verified by the student.

Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer Checklist

Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer Degree MyMAP

Students should carefully note the Exclusionary Courses listed in the General Education Requirements section – some courses are exclusive to each other and cannot both be taken for credit (e.g., MATH 101 and 110). Also, Natural Science courses for science majors must be chosen (BIOL 120 instead of BIOL 101, etc.).
To receive this degree, the student must:

For more information contact the Division of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at (225) 216-8226.