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Studio Arts

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Studio Arts

The Studio Arts Concentration of Liberal Arts enriches students' personal development through the study of historical and artistic trends in art. The competitive nature of today's market demands not only intellectual development but also the skills that are augmented in the studio arts. The concentration is thus designed to enhance professional development by offering a multitude of skill-based courses and providing opportunities for students to engage with the community through art shows. Students learn to communicate, produce art in different types of media, expand their analytical problem-solving skills, and work in an environment that promotes collaboration, understanding, and learning.

Liberal Arts, Studio Arts, Associate of Arts checklist 2018-19

Liberal Arts, Studio Arts, Associate of Arts guided pathway 2018-19


pottery studentThe foundation courses of the Studio Arts concentration prepare students for a career in art and for continuing study in a four-year program. A Studio Arts Concentration requires a minimum of 18 hours of ARTS/FILM Courses. Students should consult their advisor when planning their program of study in order to select courses appropriate to their interests and long-term goals.

To receive this degree, the student must:

For more information contact the Division of Liberal Arts at (225) 216-8165.