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African American Studies

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in African American Studies

The Liberal Arts concentration in African-American Studies prepares students for further undergraduate studies in African American history/culture and in disciplines that address ethnic studies of all types.  The degree provides a solid Liberal Arts background for positions that involve decision- and policy-making in private firms, organizations, and governmental entities that deal with ethnically diverse populations. The program instills an understanding of the particular historical and cultural issues of race and ethnicity in the United States while providing general knowledge that students can use to understand to global trends and issues. Students planning to transfer to another institution should discuss their plans with an advisor at BRCC and at the receiving institution to ensure maximum transferability of credits.

Liberal Arts, African American Studies, Associate of Arts checklist 2018-19

Liberal Arts, African American Studies, Associate of Arts guided pathway 2018-19

To receive this degree, the student must:

For more information contact the Division of Liberal Arts at (225) 216-8165.